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The Friends of the Conservatory offer a variety of events and activities throughout the year to enhance your experience, and make sure each visit is unique. Browse our upcoming events below. For questions about any of


The Sylvan Series


  ELDRITCH SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29TH 6PM-9PM el·dritch / ˈeldriCH adjective “weird and sinister or ghostly” We’re bringing in Monster Planet to create live showcase of the delightfully weird. Monster Planet is an ever-expanding collective of producers, musicians, sound designers, visual


A Fond Farewell to Giselle!

Photo credit: Jennifer Riffle

After nearly 30 years of dedicated service to Seattle Parks and Recreation, Volunteer Park Conservatory Gardener Giselle Blythe has entered a well-earned retirement. Giselle was the Conservatory’s resident specialist on cacti and succulents and cared


Dougsley a Dud?


Dougsley the Corpse Flower  arrived on the scene at the Conservatory on August 20, 2016. It arrived  on loan from the University of Washington Biology Department, and was a scant 20″ when it was