2018 Annual Report & New Board Officers

Message from the President

As we look back on an extremely successful year for the Friends of the Conservatory, and for the Conservatory itself, I am so grateful for all the time, talent, effort, and energy put forth by everyone associated with the Friends.

We have created some tremendously successful events and workshops in the past year, and hope to do even more in 2019. Please attend as many events and workshops as you can, using your special Member Discount, and help us by letting your friends on social media know as well.

Your membership at any level supports our values of Education, Advocacy, Horticulture, Sustainability, and Legacy, and our awesome volunteers make it happen. We appreciate all our members and volunteers, and hope that as a member of the Friends of the Conservatory that you will also become a volunteer, if you are not already.

We have been blessed with an amazing roster of volunteers—some have been with us for decades, and some are brand new. Whether you have helped visitors and rung up plants and souvenirs in the Palm House Gift Shop, welcomed excited visitors at after-hours fundraisers at the door or serving drinks, gotten up early to help at one of our busy plant sales, or assisted in one of a thousand other ways, we salute you. We could not do it without you.

A special thank you to our all-volunteer Board, now with some new people donating their time and energy to make this place even more special. Those of you who have been around for awhile will know of the many years of incredible contributions by Rudi Opderbeck as board member, president, and all around true Friend of the Conservatory. You will be glad to know that Rudi is continuing as Docent Chair and is still helping the plant sales be better each time.

And our talented staff go above and beyond. Please thank them personally for all the improvements they bring to our little nonprofit organization.

As always, a tip of the hat to Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, owners and operators of the Volunteer Park Conservatory. We appreciate their ongoing interest and communication. They are the employers of our extraordinary gardening staff headed by Senior Gardener David Helgeson, without whom this place would be nothing.

And one more thank you, to the thousands of visitors who come to view this magnificent plant collection in its astonishingly beautiful space. We welcome you all and hope you will return with your friends and neighbors, again and again.

Sara L. Chapman

2019 Officer Slate

President: Claire Wilburn
Vice President: Rachel Bennett
Interim Treasurer: Rudi Opderbeck
Secretary: Caz Downing-Bryant

Incoming Board Members: Alexa Schreier

Outgoing Board Members: Sara Chapman, Alan Knight

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