Left to Right: John Muniz, Alexa Schreier, Sara Chapman (front), Caz Downing-Bryant, Christine Peterson, Alice Wicks, Tom Matney, Claire Wilburn, Anthonio Pettit, Paige Anderson, Meg Gray (Bookkeeper), Rudi Opderbeck, Carley Thompson, Rachel Bennett

Friends of the Conservatory Board

Executive Board Officers


Claire Wilburn

Vice President

Rachel Bennett

Interim Treasurer

Rudi Opderbeck


Caz Downing-Bryant

Board Members

Paige Anderson
Chair of Education Committee

Tom Matney
Co-Chair of Event Committee

John Muniz
Event Committee

Christine Peterson
Advocacy Committee

Anthonio Pettit
Chair of Advocacy Committee

Alexa Schreier
Advocacy Committee

Carley Thompson
Advocacy Committee

Alice Wicks
Ad hoc Branding Committee

Honorary Board Members

Audrey Van Horne
Henry Kuharic
Rich Lang
Ivan Von Katzen

Friends of the Conservatory Staff

Kelsey Melville
Gift Shop Director
Khue Tran
Program Director
Lou Daprile
Marketing Coordinator

Volunteer Park Conservatory Staff

Left to Right: Pan Kantiyavong, Laurel Friday, Lydia Lund, Lauren Moore, Caitlin Breen, Emily Allsop, David Helgeson

Senior Gardener

David Helgeson


Emily Allsop
Lydia Lund
Pan Kantiyavong


Caitlin Breen
Lauren Moore
Laurel Friday