Leonard P. Johnson


Each year the FOC bestows “The Leonard P. Johnson Bromeliad Award” to one outstanding board member or volunteer as a way of honoring Leonard’s tremendous spirit and recognizing those who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the Conservatory.

This year’s winner is Tom Matney!

Tom has stepped up and been a driving force in the success of the many events the Friends have held in the past year. From set up to take down, Tom is there—carrying heavy things, finding outlets, helping artists, and in general making sure everything is handled. TheBromeliadBar depends on his cheerful and steady presence.
If that weren’t enough, Tom has also graciously stepped up to become Interim Education Committee Chair for the summer.
Tom’s love of plants and knowledge of their care means he is also right there at all the Plant Sales, doing the grunt work and helping people with advice. We couldn’t do it without you, Tom! Thank you so very much.
Who is Leonard P. Johnson?
Leonard was a dauntless advocate of the Volunteer Park Conservatory and board member of the Friends of the Conservatory. Leonard sat on the Education Committee and rallied to open the Resource Center – now located in the Palm House Gift Shop. He was also responsible for the acquisition of many lovely specimen of bromeliad that were donated to the Conservatory.
Leonard’s generous soul touched the hearts of many people in the Conservatory.

Leonard P. Johnson Bromeliad Award Winners


Tom Matney


Rudi Opderbeck


Christine Peterson


Tim Motzer


Audrey Meade / Robert Franklin


Dave Blythe


Audrey Van Horne / Hope Lasseter


Rudi Opderbeck