Conservatory Construction Closure Update

ScaffoldVolunteer Park Conservatory is closed to the public during the months of October and November to finalize work on the 2014 Restoration and Capital Improvement Project.

The Cactus and Seasonal house structural supports are firmly in place, and the remaining safety glass panels are being installed over the next two weeks. After the glazing is completed, new actuators to open and close the vents will be installed.

Meanwhile, in the Palm House, crews have been busy shaping and fitting sheet metal for new planting benches. The old benches were too wide to meet ADA standards. The new benches will help provide better wheelchair access.

ConstructeesThe Clise orchid collection is taking a holiday in the lower production house during the construction phase, but will be returned in time for the grand opening celebration in December.


The final phase of construction on the Conservatory is the installation of new outward-opening main doors on the Palm House, as well as Bromeliad and Cactus Houses, which will provide better egress in case of emergency.

MultipurposeJust below the Conservatory, the new east production greenhouse and multipurpose facility are making large strides as well. Beautiful new structural supports are in place, and glazing will be completed over the next few weeks.

The FOC and the Conservatory staff are looking forward to 1500 additional square feet of flexible production space and can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world at the Reopening Gala Celebration December 6th!

And don’t forget: even though the Conservatory’s doors are closed, the FOC is still hard at work behind the scenes. If you receive a renewal notice please be sure to mail it back to us to help keep us moving!

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