Conservatory Restoration and Capital Improvement Update

Under Contruction!ScaffoldEvery day sees more and more progress on the Conservatory’s Restoration and Capital Improvement Project.

Construction is proceeding at a steady clip, and currently is slightly ahead of schedule.

The Upper Production Greenhouse foundation and footings are complete. This structure replaces an 80-year-old condemned greenhouse and will used for both plant propagation and educational space. The custom components are currently being manufactured, and will be assembled on-site later this year.

The Conservatory’s Cactus and Seasonal Houses’ structural steel has been refinished, re-secured and painted.  The extruded aluminum mullions and muntins (the pieces that hold the glazing to the building) are nearly complete, and glazing of the Seasonal House has started.

Concrete PourCrews demolished, and poured a new path way and sidewalk to the Conservatory’s main entrance. The Palm-house concrete pathways are half-finished, and will be fully complete by end of August.

This work was originally scheduled for October. Getting this work done now reduces chances for weather delays and helps greatly in keeping on-schedule to re-open in December.

Pursuing additional work of sewer and storm line replacement (a very needed item) and refurbishing planting benches in the Palm house.  This additional work will be completed without any additional contract time.

For questions about the project, contact Kelley Goold, Seattle Parks and Recreation Project Manager

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