Emergency Fundraising Campaign Update

Greetings Friends of the Conservatory,

I am overwhelmed and amazed at the response to plea for assistance last month by our Members and Friends. Your generosity has been nothing short of phenomenal. The month started the FOC teetering on the brink of insolvency but, by the end we had reached 40% of our emergency fundraising goal. While we are still trying to raise the remainder of the funds, the result so far has been nothing short of stupendous!

While reviewing the donations for this month, I am astounded by the range of donations from across the spectrum. So far we have received donations from 89 members and friends and who believe in the good that the FOC does. To each and every one of you, I say thank you!!! The funds have had a direct impact on the FOC’s abilities to maintain solvency this month.

We are still 60% away from reaching the goal. We have now reached the long slog through the middle of a fundraising campaign, but based on your generous response in less than one month, I am confident that we will be able to complete this goal. Every donation strengthens the FOC.

Throughout the events of the last few months, the FOC has not strayed from our mission objective of supporting the Volunteer Park Conservatory. We continue to fulfill two of our primary directives: providing advocacy and support for Volunteer Park Conservatory, and providing educational outreach for all ages. However, still we need the generous support of our members and friends to continue these programs. If you haven’t had an opportunity to donate, please consider helping us meet our goal.


 Rudi Opderbeck Signature

Rudi Opderbeck
President, Friends of the Conservatory

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  1. Courtney Estevenin

    I intended to verify the veracity of your fund raising email before contributing, but somehow it slipped by. I was afraid it was a scam.

    Could you please send me a link to make my contribution.

    Thank you.

  2. janet

    What is the status and relationship between the Seattle Parks Foundation and the Conservatory? We thought they raised the funds for the needed repairs and renovation, no?

    What is your annual operating budget?

    How much do you have to raise? How much is raised to date?

    What is your relationship with the new Volunteer Park Foundation?

    Thanks for getting us answers.

    With support,
    Kelby and Janet

    • Anthonio

      The Seattle Parks Foundation is the fiscal sponsor for the Restoration Capital Campaign. They were engaged by the Friends of the Conservatory, and were able to successfully raise $750K+ to complete the campaign. Fortunately all of the money raised for this campaign is kept in a trust, and was not subject to mishandling.

      We are hoping to have a long and fruitful relationship with the Volunteer Park Trust. We have had several meeting already to discuss ways to work together.

      Thanks for your inquiries!

  3. Marilyn and Richard Layton

    Is there a link for making contributions?

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