Miniature Cattleya Orchid Paper Kit Workshop with Jeannie Lindquist

Cattelya-GlassThe Friends of the Conservatory are pleased to welcome master crafter and botanical artist Jeannie Lundquist to demonstrate her 1:12-scale miniature Stargazer Lily kit.

Jeannie and her miniature flower kits are true-to-life representations of actual botanical specimens; painstakingly studied, deconstructed, digitally reassembled and laser cut out of paper.

This is a one time only workshop to showcase the beautiful orchids in miniature that are grown full-size in the Conservatory. These orchids were studied in great detail in order to make the miniature accurately.

– Students will learn how to assemble each orchid stem using special tips and then “plant” them in the pot.
– All orchid pieces are laser cut.
-No scissors are needed for this. Orchid column and lip petal are pre-assembled. Leaves, stem pieces and roots are hand colored by Jeannie.

Included in workshop fee:
– Orchid pot “filled” with bark
– All supplies for making orchid
– Plastic display case for transporting the finished orchid
– Tools if you do not have the special ones needed.

Students Bring:
– Embossing tools- fine 1 cm and medium 2 cm
– Fine pointed tweezers
– Small round #0 or smaller paint brush
– Magnifying Glass on a stand so you work under it with both hands
– Lunch

The miniature design is exclusive to this workshop at Volunteer Park Conservatory and is offered at a special discount from Jeannie’s typical workshop fee in Jeannie’s further support of the Conservatory at Volunteer Park, Seattle, WA.