Pop UP Plant Sale Sat Sept 23rd


We had so much fun at the Annual Fall Plant Sale that we’re back at it! Swing by for our Pop UP Plant Sale if you missed last week’s plant sale or to see what other little plants we’ll have for you at this one.

Pop UP Plant Sale
Saturday Sept 23rd

Back of the Conservatory- follow the signs!

The profits from the Pop UP Plant Sale go towards helping fund our Education Committee’s Efforts and the fullfilling the mission of the Friends of the Conservatory.

“Who are the Friends of the Conservatory?”
The Friends of the Conservatory (FOC), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, that works with the Volunteer Park Conservatory and plays an integral part in stewarding visitors, providing outreach and education though docent-led tours, plant sales, special events, and interpretative classes for adults and school children.