The Fungus Among Us: Houseplant Fungi Workshop – March 3

This fun, introductory class will cover Fungi 101, beneficial fungal-plant relations, common fungal diseases, and a workshop to mix your very own bottle of Friendly-Fungal Plant Spray, an anti-fungal remedy less vicious than industrial fungicides.

Fungi connect to 90% of all plants around the world, but what is a fungus’ role when it comes to potted plants?
At one point or another, plant cultivators and enthusiasts may have spotted little yellow mushrooms growing in potted soils or perhaps have struggled with white furry mold enveloping the plant stems. Plant diseases caused by fungi are well known, including rusts, smuts, and rots, but there is much more to fungi than meets the eye!

Class Itinerary
– Lecture: Fungi 101, beneficial fungal-plant relations, common fungal diseases

– Q & A / ID Clinic
Mushroom Tea Break

– Friendly-Fungal Plant Spray Workshop

What to bring with you
– A mug for mushroom tea!
– Any mushroom specimen you’ve recently found that you’d like identified
– Pictures of potted plant fungus you’d like identified

*Please do NOT bring any plants carrying fungi.


Sunday, March 3, 2019
10am – 11:30 am

Workshop located behind the Volunteer Park Conservatory; signs will be posted.

$20 General Public
$10 Friends of the Conservatory Members


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Limited space. Must register online.
Registration closes March 2 at 4pm.


About the Instructor:
Gabriela is a recomposer—a fungal follower and musician. Living among the mushrooms, she integrates the rhythmic, somatic, and healing qualities of fungi and sound. She is a student and teacher of the fungi, listening to their cycles as framework for healing people and planet. Originally from the mountains of Utah, Gabriela studied Environmental Studies and Philosophy at Seattle University. She sees fungi as pivotal members and teachers of our ecosystems and shares that they are recomposers, or life-givers, just as much as they are decomposers. Her fungal practices include observing, teaching, foraging, songwriting, beginning cultivation, and writing (