Grow with us! – Join the Perennial Club

What is the Perennial Club? 

You know you love Volunteer Park Conservatory, and the programs that the FOC has to offer and we know it’s not always easy or possible to give large amounts to the causes that matter the most to us.

There is an easy way make a small contribution become a huge difference.

The Perennial Club is a new way to spread your support throughout the course of the year.

By contributing even a small monthly donation, you ensure that the Friends of the Conservatory runs sustainability.

 Joining  The Perennial Club gives you the satisfaction that your contribution directly impacts the stewardship and programming at Volunteer Park Conservatory by:

  •  Providing Conservatory access to all through education, outreach, and advocacy
  • Creating interpretive displays and information about the collection
  •  Spearheading restoration and improvement efforts
  • Working closely with officials, and monitoring policies that impact the Conservatory and the families who love it.
  • Offering unique, relevant, and fun events and classes that cater to a variety of interests and age-groups

All of these things and many more are made possible through the generosity of and support of our friends and members and now it’s easy to make a small monthly gift go a long way!

Even a small, monthly donation has the power to make a huge difference! 

Would it be possible to give $5, $10, or even $25 per month to the Friends of the Conservatory?


Choose a schedule that works for you. You can spread a single donation out over the course of several months, or simply set up a recurring gift until you tell us to cancel.

You can increase, decrease or suspend your Perennial Club participation at any time by contacting or 206.322.4112.

Thank you for being a Friend of the Conservatory!

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