Make Victorian Valentines for Children’s Hospital

Valentine Cards Poster 2016For many years, Conservatory visitors have shared their love and generosity by crafting hand-made Valentine’s Day cards to give to the families and patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Aside from being a thoughtful gesture, you might be asking, “what’s the connection?”

Look to the orchids!

Anna Herr Clise and her husband James W. Clise were Seattle pioneers who moved to the area in 1889. One of their children had become seriously ill with untreatable inflammatory rheumatism and later succumbed to the disease. Anna wanted to prevent other families from experiencing similar tragedies, and decided that a hospital for children was sorely needed.

Anna gathered her friends to discuss the lack of treatment options for children in local hospitals and decided that all children should receive care regardless of the family’s ability to pay. It was agreed that support for the hospital would have to come from the community.

23 of Anna’s friends came together to create such a facility to treat ailing children  Each of them contributed $20 to launch the hospital. On January 11, 1907, Anna incorporated the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital Association.

Anna Herr Clise was also an avid collector of orchids from around the world, and her extensive donation of orchid specimens in 1921 became the basis for the Conservatory’s world-renowned collection.

To honor  the legacy of Anna Herr Clise and her incredible contribution and impact on Seattle, we offer this fun and meaningful activity each year.

Come by and make a Valentine for your sweetheart, and one to give to the patients, families and staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital

Saturday, February 6 – 12 PM – 2 PM

Free Admission! (Donations gratefully accepted)

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