Meet this years Bromeliad Award winner Tom Matney

Congratulations Tom Matney!

Tom Matney won this year’s Bromeliad Award at the Annual Meeting. Tom is a long-time resident of Seattle, avid lover of the Volunteer Park Conservatory and a board member on the Friends of the Conservatory board.

Tom doesn’t really have a favorite plant in the Conservatory, as he says, ‚ÄúThat always seems to change when the gardeners bring in something I haven’t seen before,” but he’s really looking forward to when the Jade Vine blooms again (we are, too!).

His favorite Houses in the Conservatory are the Fern, Bromeliad and Cactus Houses.

Tom has been volunteering at our Plant Sales since the early 2000s and goes above and beyond to support the FOC and the Conservatory. We love you Tom! Thank you for everything you do!

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