We love them and if you’ve visited the Volunteer Park Conservatory then you’ve seen our rotating display of beautifully delicate orchids housed in the Palm House. Orchids are one of the 2 largest family of flowering plants and so we’ve gathered some fascinating facts about this giant family of flora.


Did you know…. ?

  • Although generally thought of as a tropical plant, orchids grow on every continent.
  • There can be up to 3 million seeds in a single orchid seed pod.
  • Orchids can be tiny as a penny or extremely large, weighing couple of hundred pounds!
  • Orchid plants can live to be up to 100 years old.
  • Vanilla is one of the best known and widely used flavors. It is extracted from the pod of Vanilla planifolia, which is a species of orchid.
  • According to the fossil evidences, orchids have existed on the planet around 100 million years.
  • Orchidaceae is the scientific name for the Orchid.

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