Visitors are welcome to photograph plants and casually record their visit for non­-professional purposes, using personal devices during regular hours. Tripod use is limited to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only. Do not block aisles. Freestanding, bulky equipment, props or costume changes will not be allowed inside.

Formal Photo Shoots are not allowed during regular visiting hours. Examples include promotional, wedding, portrait, or fashion photography. No exceptions.

PLEASE NOTE: The Friends of the Conservatory staff is not authorized to make after-hours arrangements for photography in the Conservatory. It is handled by the Seattle Parks Department. Call 206-684-4080 x2 for permit pricing and availability.

All Photographers upon arrival please check in with our Greeting Staff and refer to our Guidelines before you begin your activity. Photo Guidelines are strictly enforced.

Day Use

Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 4pm
Reservations for private use of the building are not allowed during regular public hours. Conservatory Management reserves the right to terminate unauthorized activity.

All Groups planning to visit, including tours, must be approved and scheduled two weeks in advance. Limits on group size may apply. Email for scheduling and provide date, time and group size.

Special User Groups including school groups, artists, hobby clubs, etc. requesting daytime access are limited to Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during regular hours. Group activities must be approved and scheduled in advance. Limits on group size may apply.

Teachers and Freelance Instructors wishing to use the Conservatory as a teaching venue must apply for sponsorship by the FOC Education Committee. Class fees and schedule will be determined by FOC in arrangement with instructors.

After-Hours Use

Tuesday – Sunday, after 4 pm
Call Seattle Parks and Recreation at 206-684-4080 x2 for after-hours scheduling of weddings and formal/professional photography.

The Conservatory offers limited after-hours private use of the facility for weddings and formal/professional photography only, January through October. You must obtain a permit to secure your date.

The above Day Use photography restrictions do not apply to After-Hours Use with a permit. To make arrangements after you have secured your permit, email with setup, teardown and facility inquiries.

Helpful Tips

Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for all our guests. (Thank you!)

  • Restrooms are in the outdoor pavilion to the east of the building.
  • Food and Beverage is not allowed.
  • No Pets.
  • Service Animals are welcome and must be controlled.
  • Amplified sound or unauthorized musical performance is not allowed.
  • Please be courteous of others when taking phone calls.
  • Members of groups engaged in activities must circulate or space themselves. Do not stand or sit in aisles or doorways. Allow those around you to pass freely.
  • Visitors with backpacks, or other belongings, please carry them with you. For your safety, stay on the paths and do not sit or stand in display areas.
  • Artists, our floors are easily stained. Please contain your supplies. Do not use aerosols, fixatives or spray bottles inside the building.