Plant Facts: Monstera


  • Monstera deliciosa is a climbing, flowering plant that grows in tropical rainforests or other humid, shady areas, and in the wild the grow up tall trees and send down aerial roots to the ground where they take root. 
  • Monstera deliciosa are native to southern Mexico, central America and Columbia. 
  • Monstera deliciosa are also known as the “Swiss cheese plant,” “cheese plant,” “fruit salad plant,” “monsterio delicio,” “monster fruit,” and “Mexican breadfruit,” among others. 
  • The specific epithet deliciosa means “delicious,” referring to the edible fruit, while monstera means “monstrous,” in reference to its size. This plant can grow to over 30 ft! 
  • Monstera deliciosa bear small flowers and a large bract that cloaks the fruit of the plant. Monstera deliciosa fruits are edible but only when ripe, which can take a year. 
  • Monstera deliciosa fruit tastes a bit like a mix of pineapple, banana and mango, or jackfruit, among others, giving it a nickname of the “fruit salad plant.”

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