Plants of Interest: August

Please enjoy this month’s plant picks!

Please enjoy this month’s plant picks. Are you able to locate all of them as you stroll through the Conservatory?

On your visit, see if you can locate each of the five plants of interest below, and post your finds on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the tags #VPConservatory

Photos and content by Rudi Opderbeck and Giselle Blythe




Palm House

PeeGee Hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Grandiflora’) currently make up part of the breathtaking entry display that greets you as you enter the Conservatory. Frequently bypassed by visitors that are eager to “get to the good stuff.”

Next time you are visiting the Conservatory, take a moment to check out the entry display and while you pause, look up at the stained glass artwork by renowned artist Richard Spaulding.

Seasonal House

Agapanthus cultivars come in a wide range of colors from deep blue to white. Agapanthus are perennials native to southern Africa.

Cactus House

Euphorbia platyclada is native to Madagascar with a subtropical or tropical dry forest habitat. It is threatened by habitat loss. The little light-green tips are the flowers, borrow a magnifying glass from the Gift Shop to examine them closely.

Fern House

Nepenthes are a carnivorous tropical pitcher plant. This pitcher is just opening; the top cap will keep rain water from entering the pitcher while the frilly edge, currently with light red markings, will curl back over the lip as part of the trap. The edge will darken with age to a dark red raw-meat color to attract insects, and is rather slippery, in one direction. Bugs will slip into the pitcher, and an enzyme that the plant produces will dissolve the fleshy parts and release the nutrients the plant requires to grow.

Bromeliad House

Cycad (Cycas circinalis) The golden-tan bulge atop this Cycad is the developing female reproductive cone, similar to the cones that conifer trees have. Cycads are either male or female, and need the opposite gender available to fertilize seeds.

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