Plants of Interest: June

Please enjoy this month’s plant picks!

Please enjoy this month’s plant picks. Are you able to locate all of them as you stroll through the Conservatory?

On your visit, see if you can locate each of the five plants of interest below, and post your finds on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the tags #VPConservatory

Photos and content by Rudi Opderbeck and Giselle Blythe





Palm House

Bratonia (Miltassia) Shelob ‘Tolkien’
This orchid hybrid was registered in 1998 by J.W.McCully and is a cross between Bratonia Olmec and Brassia Edvah Loo. This orchid is special because of its typical spidery Brassia flowers that have an unusual purple color. As a side note, it’s not nearly as frightening as the giant spider Shelob from Lord of the Rings, although the inspiration for its name was derived from it. Although Miltassia is sometimes used, this was reclassified as Bratonia.


Seasonal House

Astilbe is native to mountain ravines and woodlands in Asia & North America and prefers shade & water—logged conditions. Common names include False Goats Beard and False Spirea. These hardy perennials are popular for their fern-like foliage and feathery plumes of flowers.


Cactus House

Echinocactus grusonii is popularly known as the Golden Barrel Cactus, and is native to east-central Mexico. This cactus is rare and endangered in the wild. Two of the namesake and short-lived flowers, alongside of 2 buds (The 3rd & 5th structures from the left) as well as 2 seedpods. (The 1st & 4th from the left) The seedpods are from last years flowers.


Cactus House

FAT PLANTS! All flowering profusely now, two caudiciform succulent genera are the Pachypodiums and Adeniums.
Pachypodiums are native to southern Africa and Madagascar. Many grow to become very large trees with huge swollen bases.
Many pachypodiums have needles or spines for protection, however they belong to the larger Succulent group and not the smaller Cactus group.


Fern House

Stephanotis floribunda is native to Madagascar and is part of the Hoya family of plants. Common names include: Madagascar Jasmine, Waxflower, and Bridal Wreath. This vine likes full sun, abundant water, high humidity, and a balanced fertilizer. The tubular flowers are highly fragrant.


Bromeliad House

Aechmea fasciata commonly known as the Silver Vase Bloom was the first Bromeliad brought into the production and was showcased in 1826. The A. fasciata features a shocking pink bract supporting the purple flowers. Most of the flowers in this photo are open, as the blossoms do not open any further.

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