Partners Working Toward a Sustainable Tomorrow
for Volunteer Park

In 2012, the City of Seattle released the Volunteer Park Conservatory Financial Strategy Report, outlining ways for the Conservatory to operate sustainability in the future. The idea of sustainability sparked a notion with FOC Board Member and architect Audrey Van Horne:

“What if the Conservatory could decrease reliance upon general funds by implementing smart resource management and alternatives on the Conservatory Grounds?”

From this idea the FOC Sustainability Committee was formed.

Initially the Committee researched several projects on the Conservatory campus such as solar gain, ground source heating, and rain and gray water retention and recycling.

Along the way the realization was made that the whole of Volunteer Park could benefit from such sustainability initiatives, and invitations our Volunteer Park neighbor organizations were sent.

Three years later, the then modest FOC committee has expanded to become the Volunteer Park Sustainability Coalition .

Today the Coalition is comprise of the Friends of the Conservatory, The Volunteer Park Trust, and the Asian Art Museum, with the goal of making the infrastructure of the Park and its institutions more efficient and environmentally sound.

To this end the Coalition commissioned Young | Architects LLC to draft a Park Sustainability Improvement Measures study. This study examines existing infrastructure in the park and identifies potential improvements in water and energy use that will make the Park more sustainable, reduce long term costs, and improve environmental impacts. The cost of this Study and its report was covered by Coalition member organizations.

The goal isbe a long term plan for running the Park much more efficiently and providing effective coordination of renovation projects in the Park.

In November 2015, the Volunteer Park Sustainability Coalition was awarded a $25,000 Small and Simple Neighborhood Matching Fund Grant by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. The funds will pay for a Park-wide water capture and reuse feasibility study as the first facet of implementation of the Improvement Measures Study.

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The Sustainability Coalition works closely with the Seattle Park Department, Seattle Public Utilities and conservation groups to make Volunteer Park a standard for the intelligent and cost effective use of resources.


Volunteer Park Sustainability Coalition
Park Sustainability Improvement Measures Report
Young | Architecture LLC

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