We made it into City Arts Magazine!

We made it into City Arts Magazine!

At the end of October we had our final Lusio light art fundraiser of 2017 with a very special Halloween-weekend edition called Iluna Flora.
It was a great year for our unique after-hours fundraisers—
we raised over $20,000 thanks to wonderful artists and supporters like you!

Valerie Calano was kind enough to come photograph Iluna Flora for the December “Light”-themed edition of City Arts Magazine. Valerie also DJs under the name of “Dj Explorateur” and played at another Friends of the Conservatory fundraiser this summer, Lush Sounds Vol. 2.

Valerie caught some amazing shots of Liquid Light Wizards’ “live liquid painting” where they used old-school overhead projectors, clock glass, and real paint to “paint” light onto the cactus. The effects were better than we could have imagined! Jonathon Womack’s projection mapping installation in the Fern House was the subject of another great shot by Valerie that is featured in the magazine. Look how surreal that makes the Fern House look!

We have more images, although perhaps not as lovely as Valerie’s, on our Facebook page if you’d like a closer look, or pick up your own copy of City Arts Magazine. We have more of these awesome fundraisers planned with Lusio light art in 2018— starting with a new series called Lusio Lights in January!

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