Where's my Annual Pass?

Annual PassAfter a longer-than-expected delay, the firmware for the admission kiosks is ready to be installed, which will allow for self-serve day passes for Annual Pass holders.

Anyone who has not picked up their pass from the Palm House Gift Shop will receive it in the mail this month.

Until then, please feel free to visit the Conservatory as often as you like by following these simple steps:

• When you arrive, bypass the Pay Stations and go directly to the FOC Gift Shop (at the back of the Palm House)
• Ask the volunteer in the Gift Shop to look up your name in their computer by giving them your last name, or the last name of the family member who purchased the pass
• Receive your “paid” daily pass stickers for your INDIVIDUAL or FAMILY PASS members
• Place the sticker somewhere visible on your outermost layer

That’s it! You are free to wander the Conservatory until closing! (10 am until 7 pm – Tuesday through Sunday) Thank you so much!

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