Wine & Chocolate Tasting – The Results!

The Wine and Chocolate Tasting Scores:

The Conservatory loves you!Tasters were asked to rate each wine on a scale of 1 to 10, and to also rate the wine-chocolate pairing, then the total the score for each pair. So a perfect score of 10 in each category would equal 40.

32 people completed score sheets. The overall scores were calculated by multiplying each score times the number of votes (5 people scored wine A as a 6 = 30 points). A perfect score for the whole pair would then be 1280 (10 x 4 x 32). So if the actual score is 750 out of 1280, which equals an average score of 5.8.

Pair D, the dessert wine and darkest chocolate had the highest score, just edging out Pair B, the Syrah with the Fig Fennel Almond chocolate. Pairs A and C were nearly tied for 3rd and 4th place.

Scoring categories were: Aroma;   Taste/mouthfeel;   Finish/aftertaste;    and Pairing

Table A


Barbera (100%) Cockburn Vineyard, Walla Walla Valley. Fruity notes with a bright acidity. $19/bottle

Bread and Chocolate

70% dark chocolate mixed with toasted artisan breadcrumbs

Table B


Syrah (100%). Elephant Mountain Vineyard, Rattlesnake Hills. Rich, and fruity. $29/bottle

Fig, Fennel and Almond Chocolate

70% dark chocolate mixed with slivered almonds, sweet dried figs and fennel.

Table C

Estate Melange Rouge

Cabernet Sauvignon (38%), Cabernet Franc (38%), Malbec (16%), Merlot (7%), Petite Verdot (7%). Wilridge Vineyard. Spicy nose with voluptuous fruit. $29/bottle

Cherry Almond Chocolate

70% dark chocolate combined with dried organic cherries and roasted almonds

Table D

Estate Vintage Dessert Wine

Touriga Nacional (36%), Souzao (36%), Tinta Cao (28%). Wilridge Vineyard. $19/bottle

Ultimate Dark Chocolate (85%)


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