Year End Giving Campaign





You may be aware of the important work that  the Friends of the Conservatory, does each year for the Conservatory.

Whether advocating on its behalf through grass roots efforts and successful endeavors such as the Restoration Campaign (breaking ground in Spring 2014), sponsoring events and plant sales, or providing education and outreach through our docent and Urban Safari programs, the FOC is an essential part of the Conservatory’s well being and diversity.

The FOC is vigilant in stewarding Conservatory’s legacy, providing a voice for the structure and its staff; demanding accountability whenever the need comes.

When you consider your year-end giving, I urge you to consider the Friends of the Conservatory.

You can make a one-time donation, or you can make a Perennial reoccurring pledge at an amount and schedule that suits your budget.

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Or send your donation to:

Friends of the Conservatory
1402 East Galer Street
Seattle, WA 98112

Your generous support allows the FOC to continue our important work, helping ensure the Conservatory remains vibrant for years to come.

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Executive Director, Friends of the Conservatory

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